Apartments for sale located at Av. 5 of Tulum

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Apartments for sale located at Av. 5 de TulumWelcome to Babel!

Babel is a development located on 5th Avenue North, one block from Gypsea Market. It has 59 units distributed in three levels: first floor, first and second floor.

The project is scheduled for delivery in August 2023.

All units include a private pool and offer a lifestyle focused on permanent wellness thanks to its amenities and healing experiences and commercial projects. This makes Babel a place called Wellness LIVING, a micro ecosystem that proposes a lifestyle based on wellness.

At Babel, besides having a trendy visual tendence, organic and diaphanous design, we also offer co-creative wellness tools such as orgones, tachyon energy, quartz circuits and water harmonization.

You can enjoy a spa, hamman, yoga, meditation, rituals, harmonic technologies and holistic architecture. All these details add to the daily experience of living at Babel, making it a complete and enriching lifestyle.

Not only do you get to enjoy the experiences that Babel offers, but you also get a capital gain on your real estate. All this has a monetary value with liquidity capacity, so you will not only be investing in your well-being and quality of life, but also in your financial future.

Oportunity for your Networking at Babel

At Babel you will find the perfect opportunity to expand your network. This sustainable real estate development is ideal for affluent buyers looking to project a socially responsible image. By choosing Babel as your new green home, you will demonstrate your commitment to harmonious integration with the environment.

Do not hesitate to contact contact Please contact us for more information and to schedule a visit to our facilities! We look forward to having you soon as part of the Babel family.

How is the apartment delivered?

  • Turnkey
  • Furnished by interior designers: our units are tastefully and stylishly decorated by design professionals.
  • Signature pieces designed with fine woods: our furniture is made with high quality materials, such as tzalam, cedar and jabim, to bring comfort and elegance to your home.
  • Equipped with high-tech appliances, congruent with the Babel lifestyle, we have:
    • State-of-the-art air conditioners with high energy efficiency
    • State-of-the-art, energy-efficient refrigerators
    • Washing centers

Propitiated by the architecture and premium finishes in the design of exquisite spaces, decorated with art pieces by local artists.

Development typologies

  • 1 bedroom units with private pool and patio.
  • 1 bedroom units with terrace and private pool.
  • 1-bedroom units without pool.
  • 1-bedroom double-height units.
  • 4 commercial premises for sale.


  • 24/7 Security
  • Lobby
  • Concierge
  • Zen Garden
  • Outdoor art gallery
  • Amenity tower
  • Meditation altar
  • Haman
  • Jacuzzi
  • Common pool
  • Hammock area
  • Sun deck
  • Spa
  • Yoga Shala
  • Bicycle parking
  • Car parking
  • Commercial zone
  • Beach club

What will be the cost of maintenance?

Between 2.5 and 3 USD per square meter.

Your best investment in Babel

Babel is an investment that offers monetary value with liquidity, both in the experiences it offers and in the real estate itself.

This project is designed to provide attractive returns and the wellness service that is its soul.

The construction company in charge of Babel is Maqte-Darkitectos, the same company that built the Xcaret hotels. Bramah Operadora will be in charge of handling short-term rentals, while in the long term the owner will be able to rent it on his own.


Tulum is a magical place, where time seems to stand still and the beauty of nature is unparalleled.

The sun's rays filter through the dense jungle, creating a unique atmosphere that blends with the scent of sea salt wafting through the air.

The white sand of its beaches stretches endlessly, inviting you to walk barefoot and feel the coolness of the water on your feet. The colors of the sea vary between turquoise and emerald tones, and the sunsets in Tulum are simply spectacular.

It is a place where everything is possible, where dreams come true and the spirit is renewed. Tulum is a hidden gem in the Mexican Caribbean waiting to be discovered.

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  • Materials may vary according to supplier


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