Join the eco-sustainable community located in Tulum.

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Join the eco-sustainable community located in Tulum. KUYABEH!

An environmentally responsible development model y community sustainable endorsed by SEMARNAT, preserves 93% of the rainforest Maya with environmentally friendly technologies and promotes local employment.

This exclusive community cares for and preserves the environment by creating a lifestyle with luxury, tranquility and comfort thanks to clean and renewable energies. natural resources. Real Estate sustainable with high quality and modern amenities surrounded by green areas.

Why invest in Kuyabeh? located at Tulum, offers a environment natural and historical exceptional. Ideal for lovers
of culture, tradition and nature. 10 min from Coba, 30 min from Tulum and 50 min from Valladolid.

You will find everything in the corridor: hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping, supermarkets and much more. In addition to being pprivate property, has rThis makes it possible for the company to be able toThe project's completion and delivery are immediate. It is a unique development in which you will be able to obtain, in addition to all the benefits of aome ecological residential community rnvestment and continued growth and ahigh return on investment and annual capital gain.

This ecological community 375 hectares of self-sustainable land with more than 500 lots and 20 hectares for 50 exclusive amenities, all of this designed to preserve and protect the rainforest.

Balam is composed of lots of up to more than one hectare, with a surface average from 9,400 m2.
Huech has lots of to more from half hectare with an area of average of 4,700 m2.
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The development offers cabins, houses furnished and equipped with eco-technologies from 1 to 3 bedrooms.


Connected poetic architecture with the nature, elements cigars y techniques ancestral. New form from live consciously at connection with the world.


Vive at modules from luxury with architecture innovative, comfort y comfort at the impressive beauty from the jungle.

Cabin modern from wood with see beautiful at garden jungle y a the pool. Equipped for an experience comfortable y relaxing, with deck.


Cabin from double height at wood sustainable, with warm and cozy finishes for a unique life of luxury and
harmony with nature.

If you wish to build according to your tastes and possibilities, you must comply with the development's construction standards: These are lots family unieach owner must make the topographic studies y Studies
Environmental Specific
of your land, once, have the design of your home, it is presented at architects committee of Kuyabeh.

The maximum de desplante area for housing is from 5%in addition to the 2% for the dismantling of the access road, making a total of 7% from rant.

The building area within the lot shall have a perimeter lateral restraint of at least less 15 meters with the adjoining lots.

The maximum height allowed is 9 meters. (2 stories),

It is not allowed to build walls perimetrals that divide the properties and limit the movement of local fauna.

As well as the building regulations, all residents must comply with the residential coexistence rules:

It is allowed to have domestic pets such as dogs and cats (with rattle), inside thecommunity always under the responsibility of theowner.

It is not allowed to have FARM ANIMALS like e.g. pigs, cows, chickens, etc.

All houses will be operating with eco technologies, being an Eco community self-sustaining.

Kuyabeh has an area of separation of garbage in which each owner is esponsibility for its waste.

Within Kuyabeh it is prioticized to use media of transport as the bicycle, motorcycle, golf carts etc..

In addition to the amenities offered by the development, the following activities are also available:

  • Hiking
  • Observation of stars
  • Trade
  • Bonfires
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Club for children
  • Ceremonies
  • Music in Vivo
  • Cycling
  • Exploration
  • Agricultural
  • Classes of Art
  • Swimming
  • Meditation
  • Kayaks
  • Functions of movies
  • Classes of Sustainability
  • Barter
  • Conferences
  • Yoga
  • Events
  • Meals
  • Camping
  • Talks.
The Kuyabeh project is also an example of how a balance can be achieved between economic development and environmental conservation. The implementation of sustainable practices in the construction and operation of the project generates jobs and fosters local economic development, while biodiversity conservation ensures the long-term preservation of natural resources.
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