Exclusive residential development located in Akumal

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Exclusive residential development located in Akumal

Lunara is a new and exclusive residential development located in Akumal, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, that invites you to experience a new level of tropical living.

Like rays of sunshine, a sea of sensations emanate from the heart of Lunara, where every detail is designed to delight your senses and
enrich your daily life.

Lunara rises majestically with an architecture of high and monumental volumetry.

Every corner reflects an elegant style that blends perfectly with the natural surroundings, creating a visual symphony that surrounds you with every step you take.


Located in a strategic location, Lunara is located on the Carretera
Federal Chetumal - Cancun

kilometer 260, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Only 84 km from Cancún, 30 km from
Playa del Carmen and 34 km from Tulum.

Designed around conservation rings that embrace and protect the seven cenotes, Lunara respects native vegetation and local and migratory species, ensuring that the biological corridors remain connected.

blue zone
We want Lunara to be a blue zone, since it will be a place where people will be able to work the land in the organic garden, they will be able to move freely.
and naturally through trails and bike paths, promote healthy eating and offer activities that encourage a healthy and social lifestyle.


1. Relax in the cenotes
2. Be inspired by green corridors
3. Find a long-term place to call home.


4. Feed yourself with plants in the organic garden.
5. Enjoy with friends at the gastro club
6. Balance your diet


7. Connect with your family at the pools, movies and games.
8. Meet people in the sports area
9. Live with your tribe in the lounge and family areas.


10. Pedal on the bike path and leave the car behind.
11. Running on the heart circuit
12. Walk on the trails among the trees


Fitness zone
Hidden cenote / meditation deck
Lizard Cenote
Cenote cork
Sports fields
Main walkway
Clubhouse and commercial area / boardwalk
Pet park
Skate park and playground
Service area
Parks in housing area
Organic garden
Adventure park
More than 270 drawers for visitors
Single-family houses
Lot 2 houses
Lot 4 houses
Lot 6 houses
Lot 6 houses plus 1 store
Lot 9 houses
Lot 20 houses
Commercial lot

Inhale and exhale nature

play with your family and friends, run barefoot, swim in the early morning hours

Listen to Lunara's breathing

Property Features

  • Cenotes
  • Business center
  • Commercial zone
  • Fitness zone
  • Fogatero
  • Fogón
  • Jacuzzi
  • Lobby
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurant
  • Skate park
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial zone
  • Fitness area

Fitness center
Through an open-plan space, where the wind flows and the light catches you, Lunara welcomes you to enter a healthy and wellness life to practice individual, ball, water and team sports.

Equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainer and workout area to find your workout style.
Find the equipped outdoor spaces. Discover the multipurpose room for yoga.

Build community
Each sports court has a lounge area to rest or wait for your turn.

Lounge pools, family, kids, salt pools, jacuzzis, firepit in the water, dock, cinema, game room, clubhouse, etc.
gastro, business center and controlled reception.

Step into a unique environment where the lush tropical jungle becomes your everyday setting. This residential development is specially designed for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace a lifestyle in direct harmony with nature. Every corner here has been conceived to celebrate the natural splendor and gifts that the jungle has to offer.

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