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Become a beach club owner at DUNA XPU-HA!

DUNA in XPU-HA BEACH is an extraordinary resort-residential complex strategically located just 20 minutes from the vibrant downtown Playa del Carmen and 30 minutes from the enigmatic Tulum. Its privileged location allows you to enjoy the privacy and tranquility of the lush jungle, at the same time you enjoy the joy and attractions of the Caribbean Sea, as well as the benefits and services of nearby cities. XPU-HA BEACH is the perfect place for those who wish to combine natural serenity with the comfort and entertainment of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the region.

The complex is distinguished by its impressive design and is comprised of a variety of architectural elements that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The representative images shown are only an initial sample and are subject to change without notice, as the goal is to constantly exceed the standards of quality and excellence to offer residents an unparalleled experience.

Within XPU-HA BEACH is the innovative DUNA project, an architectural jewel consisting of 63 residential lots, each with an area of 600 square meters. In addition, the project has an extensive natural green area, equivalent to a full city block, where the impressive clubhouse will be located, offering a wide range of surprises and services for the enjoyment of the whole family. The urbanization of DUNA is first class, with hydraulic concrete streets that guarantee the durability and resistance necessary to withstand vehicular traffic. Likewise, the stamped concrete pedestrian walkways allow you to enjoy pleasant strolls in the midst of the exquisite vegetation.

In terms of amenities, DUNA is designed to provide all the necessary comforts for a comfortable and pleasant life.

Electricity, water, sewage, and telephone services are guaranteed, ensuring that all residents have reliable access to essential services. In addition, an access control booth has been installed and operates 24 hours a day, providing peace of mind and protection for residents and visitors to the complex.

The DUNA clubhouse is simply spectacular. Located on an extensive block of more than 7,000 square meters, this majestic clubhouse offers a unique and exciting experience for all residents. The surrounding trails invite you to explore the natural beauty of the site and discover the surprises that nature has in store for you.

In the clubhouse, you will enjoy a wide variety of recreational facilities that will provide you with unforgettable moments. Soak in the refreshing recreational pools, relax in the solarium or on the terraces while admiring the paradisiacal surroundings, and organize exciting events in the game room. And if you want to stay in shape, the fully equipped gym offers all the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bathrooms and showers have also been installed for the comfort of residents, and ample green areas with barbecue stations to enjoy outdoor moments in the company of family and friends.

The game room is another of the clubhouse's outstanding spaces. Equipped with televisions, air conditioning, pool tables, ping-pong and modern furniture, this space gives you the opportunity to enjoy fun and entertaining moments with your loved ones.

If you are looking for a more exclusive and private place, the top floor of the clubhouse has a private area designed to accommodate up to 20 people. This space connects to a spectacular terrace equipped with a Jacuzzi, comfortable lounge chairs, tables and a bar, giving you the opportunity to organize private events or simply enjoy a sunny day while relaxing in an exclusive environment.

As a resident of XPU-HA BEACH Residential Resort, you will have privileged access to its impressive beach club. This beach club allows you to enjoy a paradisiacal setting on one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya. You can relax on comfortable lounge chairs, enjoy exquisite dishes at the beachfront restaurant and delight in the magnificent views while creating unforgettable memories.

In summary, XPU-HA BEACH is an exceptional tourist-residential complex strategically located close to Playa del Carmen and Tulum. DUNA, within this complex, offers an exclusive selection of residential lots and a clubhouse with ample amenities surrounded by natural green areas. With first class services, 24-hour security and access to a private beach club, XPU-HA BEACH is the perfect place for those looking to combine the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya with a luxury residential and resort lifestyle.

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