Get your property with the perfect combination of luxury and nature

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Get your property with the perfect combination of luxury and nature


If you are looking for the perfect combination of luxury and nature, Carpe Diem is the place for you. With units designed to harmonize with the natural beauty of the surrounding jungle, this development offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in the best location in the city. Zama Village in Tulum.

In a building that guarantees exclusivity, Carpe Diem has only 17 condominiums and functional common areas for the maximum comfort of the residents:

8 one-bedroom units of 65.78 m2 (65.78 m2)

5 one-bedroom units of 85.57 sq. mt.

3 two-bedroom units of 105.48 sq. mt.

1 two-bedroom (corner) unit of 151.41 m2 (151.41 sq.m.)

Common Areas

- Reception / Concierge on the first floor and access control
- Parking across the street and in front of the development
- Elevator and main stairs with access at all levels
- Bicycle parking area and Motorcycles

The building has service facilities such as:

- Water filtration system pfor the general supply of the assembly.
- Independent cisterns for raw and treated water treatment
- Hydropneumatic system for water supply to each unit.
- Meter panel per unit and another one for common areas
- Transformer and medium voltage installations according to calculation.
- Elevators: One elevator with load capacity for 6 people.

Carpe Diem mimics the jungle environment with the use of finishes that achieve charming and unique spaces like the amazing Mayan Riviera, among which are:

- Chukum wall finishes natural (probably color natural bone).

- Interior floor of unit in chukum natural (probably color natural bone).

- Wooden Main Door with structure and frames in wood of the region with matte finish,
jako lock, matte black finish.

- Wooden closetwith structure and frames in wood of the region in matte finish.

- Bathroom deck made on site in reinforced concrete and with aca.bado de chukum natural (probably
color Tobacco).

- Finishes in Floors Bathroom interiors in Natural Chukum, handcrafted type. sealing.

- False Ceiling of Tablaroca with fine finish, Painting in gray color spatula, Comex brand.

- Terraces with floor finishes of handcrafted natural chukum sealing. (probably color
natural bone).

- Furniture of Bathroom recessed underdeck at natural wood. (probably color natural bone)- Thermomagnetic switches at Load center within each unit.

- Doors inwood interior with drum structure in pine and coating of plywood of Wood of
the region in white, matte finish.
The units include the following equipment and accessories:

- Estevez brand electrical accessories and switches or similar in matte white

- General ceiling and floor lighting with LED lamps.

- 4-burner electric grill, TEKA brand or similar.

- Tarja de stainless steel subassembly, Helvex brand or similar.

- Kitchen mixer faucet in stainless steel finish, Helvex or similar.

- Kitchen cover in granite as designed

- Electric tank water heater Rheem brand or similar according to estimate

- WC Castel brand white color

- Matt black bathroom accessories, Castel brand or similar.

- Preparation for washer-dryer or power washing center

- Built-in wall box with combination security system to store the main key.

- Air Aconditioned Type Mini-Split Inverter of different capacities, York or similar brand.

- Ceiling fan in rooms hunter or similar brand

- Intelligent bolt of Door Prcipal and in Lock Off

- Oven theelectric in units of 2 built-in rooms under isthe

- Lavaoptional tableware integrated into lower kitchen cabinet in uni2-bedroom apartments.

And what better way to live up to its name than by offering amenities so that the residents of this wonderful place can make the most of their day enjoying the comfort and relaxation of its facilities:

  • Fire Pit

  • Gym

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Swimming pool

  • Spa

  • Sauna/Steam

  • Rooftop/Terrace

  • Sunbeds

Reconnect with your being, embrace a new way of life and experience the best that Tulum has to offer, by buying in this development, you will not only be investing in an impressive property that guarantees an excellent ROI, but you will also be part of the select group of people who will be able to enjoy this boutique residential located in the fastest growing and most valuable area of Tulum.
Take advantage of the day and purchase your ticket to live the Carpe Diem experience!
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