Acquire your apartment in an exclusive development in Tulum.

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Acquire your apartment in an exclusive development in Tulum.

Pilgrim, who left your places, and came to take refuge in my palm groves, under the sky of a land, of my tropical land.

Hidden among rocky dunes is Tulum, the ancestral sanctuary of 'zamá', the sunrise. Possessing beaches of fame
Tulum is a magical territory of ancestral energy that attracts culture and overflows with nature.

Surrounded by green jungle and white sand, sacred paths guide us to Kaybé, the new secret of Tulum, a destination that
offers temples and experiences that only the Caribbean and Mexico can offer. A bike ride of a few minutes will take you
leads to reconnect with nature in the archaeological zone, or to enjoy the sea breeze on beaches admired by the whole world.

Kaybé is a unique development that unites harmony and tranquility, providing an environment fused with the precision of ancient Mayan civilization, culminating in the architecture of its portico and clubhouse, designed by the acclaimed Estudio Macías Peredo.

Kaybé has a unique amenity in Mexico: a multisensory park, designed by the bioarchitectural studio

Built with endemic materials and bamboo, the park is a space to connect with nature, with oneself, and with the environment.
and to live experiences that appeal to all the senses in each of their
- Iconic access
- Yoga Palapa
- 15 meters high viewpoint
- Terrace
- Dome
- Sculptures


Designed by Lavalle Peniche® for travelers in search of energy and adventure,

Peregrina is a condo-hotel development with 51 housing units, distributed among roads and terraces.
The organic gardens are overflowing with nature and with access to all the multi-sensory amenities that Kaybé has to offer.


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