Wellness and Sustainable Apartments for sale Cancun

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Noom Development in Cancun: An Exceptionally Radical Refuge

Wellness and Sustainable Apartments for sale Cancun

Development Noom in Cancun is a refuge, a dream come true. It is an organic and visionary concept that seeks the well-being of people, trying to create something exceptionally radical. It represents the evolution towards a more natural way of life, a return to our endemic origins of tribe and community. The concept is based on the pursuit of wellness and the creation of an environment conducive to healthy living.

In the design of Noom, people have been prioritized as the central element. We have succeeded in creating a home in connection with an environment of peace and nature, where each individual can find his or her space of well-being. We care deeply about nature and dislike how people destroy and destroy everything in their path in order to adapt to their comfort. We believe that our duty should be to improve every place where we decide to build, living in harmony and respect with the earth.

It is for this reason that we have made the decision to occupy only a maximum of 30% of the land, respecting the existing trees and increasing the green area by 130%. Our goal is to minimize environmental impact and save energy. This low land occupation promotes conservation and preserves the natural environment. In addition, we have integrated vegetation into the shelter design, including green roofs that increase the vegetated area and promote a fresh and natural environment.

To ensure the well-being of the residents and the sustainability of the environment, we have implemented passive and active systems related to energy, water and waste. Passive systems include natural ventilation, solar protection, natural lighting and thermal insulation. On the other hand, active systems involve water reuse, installation of solar panels, water and waste separation, rainwater harvesting, among others. Our goal is to maximize energy efficiency and minimize waste of resources.

NOOM has won 17 international awards, reflecting the recognition of the excellence and innovation that characterize our project. These awards are a testament to our commitment to creating a unique and exceptional place.

We know this project may be right for you. We're not looking to create generic, mass housing. If you are clear about who you are and what you value in life, then you have taken the first step in discovering where you would love to live. What we are looking for is to create that small authentic place, that place where you can live in harmony, surrounded by a few people who share your values and seek a coexistence based on the same philosophy.

At Noom, you will find a tranquil environment where nature is appreciated and respected. Every element of the design has been carefully thought out to promote the health and well-being of those who live there. Integrated vegetation and green roofs increase the plant area, providing a fresh and natural environment. In addition, the use of sustainable materials, such as the bamboo façade with integrated vegetation, contributes to harmony with the surroundings.

Noom also offers spaces for food production, such as an urban vegetable garden on the green roof. This promotes healthy and sustainable eating, while fostering a connection with nature and self-management.

In short, Noom is much more than just a home. It is a place where you can find peace, harmony and connection with nature. It is a dream come true, a visionary project that seeks to change the way we live and relate to our environment. If you are willing to join this community, to live in harmony with nature and to share values of respect and care for the environment, then this refuge is for you. We invite you to be part of this dream and experience an authentic and fulfilling life in our exceptionally radical refuge.

In addition, it is important to note that there are only 16 units available at the Noom Development in Cancun. This focus on exclusivity and the limited number of homes guarantees an intimate atmosphere and a close community. Each resident will have the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with their neighbors, sharing similar values and seeking a coexistence based on the same philosophy of well-being and respect for nature.

By limiting the number of units, we are able to preserve the privacy and tranquility of each home, avoiding massive occupancy that could affect the residents' experience. The goal is to create an authentic and exclusive space, where each person feels part of a unique and special community.

This limitation on the number of units also allows us to maintain balance with the surrounding natural environment. By minimizing the footprint of the development, we ensure that the biodiversity and natural beauty of the area remain intact, providing a stunning setting for residents.

In summary, with only 16 units available, the Noom Development in Cancun offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an exceptionally radical and authentic lifestyle. If you are interested in joining this exclusive community and enjoying the benefits of living in harmony with nature, we invite you to consider this extraordinary opportunity.

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